Products & Services

We offer a plethora of tanning session and package options at Envy Tan, both on a month-to-month basis with no commitment and on a membership basis for discounted rates.

We have two lay-down beds and two stand up booths available for your tanning needs, and there is no upselling when it comes to our prices. The regular price you pay allows you to migrate between any of the beds, so take your pick between a relaxing lay-down session or a shorter stand-up session, as your tan and schedule may require.

We do, however, offer a lower-priced package for our clients who only wish to use the lay-downs.

Sportarredo Super Beds

36 Bulbs/160 Watts
4 Facials/610 Watts

12 minute maximum exposure time

Heartland 2M Turbo Beds

50 Bulbs/200Watts

9 minute maximum exposure time

By Appointment Only.

We offer custom airbrush spray tans by Norvell Institute certified spray techs, using top quality Norvell equipment and solution. If you don't have the time to tan indoors, or simply prefer not to, this is your best bet. The session only takes a few minutes, so you can put your best bronze forward in no time.

We offer discounts every Thursday, so you can be ready and radiant for that wedding or beach outing over the weekend!

BASIC: The lightest colors we offer; Norvell Original or Cocoa; for those with a fair complexion - $30
Venetian: A special spray for a reddish purple European look! $50

We carry a wide variety of top-shelf indoor/outdoor designer tanning lotions from manufacturers such as:
Australian Gold
Ed Hardy
Designer Skin
Devoted Creations
Tan Inc.
California Tan
Swedish Beauty
& More

Our goal is to provide our clients and the Northwest Indiana region in general with the best products and savings possible, in order to leave you satisfied with your purchase, and, of course, with your tan.
We take pride in our business ethic and are confident when we say you won't find better prices on designer indoor tanning lotion anywhere in the region.
Furthermore, we spend a significant amount of time researching and studying our products, in order to provide our customers and clients with the option that best suits their needs, so you can feel confident you're getting a quality product that fits your particular standards.

Aside from our great packages and tanning lotions, we also carry a variety of designer skin-care products from Australian Gold and Hempz, specifically catered to the needs of a sun-lover, but which are fantastic products for general skin-care.

We strive to provide a friendly, informative, beneficial, and safe tanning experience. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to learn as much as we can about the industry and the products associated with it. We research our products and plan ahead when it comes to your tan in order to ensure you're happy with the results and you enjoy your experience.

This comes at no extra cost, of course. It's simply what we do. ;)